海賊王国コロンブス[海賊カードバトル] GREE(グリー)  1.7.3

海賊王国コロンブス[海賊カードバトル] GREE(グリー) 1.7.3

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プレイヤーの腕次第で強さは急上昇! 組み合わせは無限大に広がる!




イベントの豪華賞品をGETするためには、海賊仲間との協力が不可欠。海賊仲間をたくさん誘って、強力なボスたちに立ち向かおう! イベントによってはボスがカードになって仲間になってくれることも……!?




GREE (Gree) is a 【Free registration】 game app with over 35 million people enjoying SNS and games! The real card battle which can GET treasures and cards in quest & battle comes up! “Pirate Kingdom Columbus” is a full-scale card battle type RPG that gathers treasures and cards scattered in various places on the stage of the ocean where pirates come and go, and creates its own pirate kingdom.

Customize your hideout from any of the over 4,000 types of captain cards and hideout cards!
The strength soars depending on the player’s arms! The combination spreads to infinity!
Create your own strongest agit and challenge the hot card battle!
Win a card battle with rivals and aim for the top of the Pirate Kingdom!

【Features of the game】
☆ A variety of different kinds of captains and a variety of ajito cards
Join events and quests, get various cards, and create a customized and powerful Pirate Kingdom!

☆ Enhance your favorite ajito!
It is equipped with “Ajito function” which is not found in other card battle apps. The types of cards are not only characters, but there are seven kinds of ajito cards: “vehicle”, “cannon”, “castle”, “building”, “object”, “god’s weapon” and “fortress”. Organize with emphasis on parameters, or emphasize on coolness and cuteness of appearance. Each person has a way of fulfilling his job.

☆ Event is held almost every day!
A variety of events are held almost every day, such as a god battle event in which god attacks on agite, a treasure chest event where a band of thieves with hidden treasures appear in a quest, a battle event where you win battles and compete points to get luxurious prizes!

☆ Challenge the powerful boss who is waiting for you and your friends!
In order to get the luxury prizes of the event, it is essential to cooperate with the pirates. Let’s invite a lot of pirate friends and confront the powerful bosses! Depending on the event, a boss may become a card and become a friend ……! ?

☆ Compose the card and get the strongest card!
We can strengthen by combining and combining cards! Collect two super powerful Legend Rea cards and combine them to evolve into the strongest card in the history of pirates and Double Legend Rea!

The popular Pirate Kingdom Columbus with the Card Battle app is free to download!
Download now and go on a journey to the strongest pirate kingdom!

[Recommend for this person the real card battle game “Pirate Kingdom Columbus”]
・ If you think card battle game is fun
・ A person who likes games that can cultivate beautiful cards
・ If you want to create your own pirate kingdom
・ If you want to battle with a powerful enemy that appears during an adventure
※ Pirate Kingdom Columbus is a registered free card battle game provided by GREE.

【Terms of Service】
By downloading this app you agree to the Terms of Use.

Game Id: jp.gree.android.pf.greeapp112

Game Information of 海賊王国コロンブス[海賊カードバトル] GREE(グリー)

App Name 海賊王国コロンブス[海賊カードバトル] GREE(グリー)
Package Name jp.gree.android.pf.greeapp112
Version 1.7.1
Rating ( 648 )
Size 5.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Updated 2020-06-15
Installs 100,000+
Category Arcade, Games
Developer ,

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